Sleeping in Style


So… upholstered beds are super expensive! As a current broke student who likes nice things, when I moved to my new apartment I really wanted to see how I could furnish my place on a budget. My previous bed was a full bed with a wood headboard, and it was cool and everything but not what I wanted for my new place. So, of course, I upgraded to a queen sized bed and mattress. I saw some amazing beds but they were all more than $600-700, so I thought why not make it myself? Continue reading “Sleeping in Style”

Starting Anew


Have you ever just wanted to start over? I feel like I constantly find myself in a cycle of wanting to restart it all. Something about getting rid of the old and starting fresh. But, the worse thing that can happen is when you get rid of things and are consistent with that process of rebuilding. I find myself doing this a lot, and I really want to stop, no I am going to stop. I got tired of my old Instagram and deleted a bunch of posts, I removed my old blog posts on WordPress, and cleaning my closet has been on my list of things to do for months. Why am I oversharing? In hopes that maybe I can help someone as well as help myself towards action. Continue reading “Starting Anew”

Kimonos and Corduroys


Hello loves! I am back this week with a new post. I was on the way to a family event and what better time for a photo shoot! I have been loving this kimono that I made because the fabric was truly one of a kind (thanks Joann’s). I created this top last summer when I saw the racer front going into style. Lastly, I picked up these corduroy jeans from Savers thrift store and cut them to make so high waisted shorts and I loved the way that they turned out. Summer is officially here and although the weather is sucking with the most random of thunderstorms, I am not going to let that bring me down lol.

Shoes from
I’m loving how the fabric has a doily type look.

IMG_4378_2 IMG_4362 IMG_4382_2


Hope you guys enjoyed this post, I am loving the feeling of being able to sew again and will definitely keep the posts coming. Until next time….don’t get too crazy!!


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