Orange Raindrops in Blue Skies


My August was so busy but I had so much fun on my off block from my pharmacy rotations. Over the break, I went to two conferences, saw one of my closest friends get engaged, and traveled to Europe! Continue reading “Orange Raindrops in Blue Skies”


Sun’s Out


The weather is finally warm again!! After weeks of gloom and rain I was happy just to see a little sun out. These last couple of weeks have been extremely busy. I finished finals and then jumped right into rotations. Anyways, I am just excited that summer is right around the corner and that I am at least finding time to still create and sew things. This summer I plan to really challenge myself sewing-wise and be adventurous. Continue reading “Sun’s Out”

Sleeping in Style


So… upholstered beds are super expensive! As a current broke student who likes nice things, when I moved to my new apartment I really wanted to see how I could furnish my place on a budget. My previous bed was a full bed with a wood headboard, and it was cool and everything but not what I wanted for my new place. So, of course, I upgraded to a queen sized bed and mattress. I saw some amazing beds but they were all more than $600-700, so I thought why not make it myself? Continue reading “Sleeping in Style”